I have used upleap’s $69 plan for 11 good months straight on one of my Instagram accounts and that has resulted to a total of $759 and for that reason, I strongly believe that I am in the best position right now to give you an honest review so that you’d be able to make a well informed decision on whether or not you should use upleap’s Instagram growth service/tool.

upleap review

upleap review

There in this review, I am going to clear your doubt as to whether Upleap Instagram Growth Tool is a good and safe tool to use, It’s Pros & Cons, It’s features, It’s Prices etc. Continue with me in this review as I unveil to you all you need to know about this Instagram Growth Service called UPLEAP.

But before I get into the full article I would like you to read the notice below before you get ahead.


  1. If after learning the goods and bads(Pros & Cons) of upleap in this review and you finally decide to use Upleap, I would highly recommend you go through a coupon link while paying so that you get a discount. You can CLICK HEREwhen you’re done reading to do that.

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As we all know that today`s world is not dependent on traditional ways of marketing, we are living in a digital marketing age and digital marketing makes optimum use of technology for promotional activities.

In digital marketing there are certain channels and one such channel is Instagram. Now a day`s Instagram is used for various promotional and marketing activities.

For this one should have an Instagram account with a large no of followers and there comes the UPLEAP. Upleap helps you to grow your followers organically and social outlook.

Instagram is an extensively admired social media network but getting the exposure you want and the desire to make the most of it can be a difficult task. This is awfully true for the new brands that are trying to escalate grip with their audience and widen their reach while establishing brand awareness. Delightedly there are a vast line up of services available to help you grow your Instagram account.

Some of these emphasize on using bots and automation to help you build a targated audience based on criterion you provide.

What Exactly Is Upleap? (An Overview)

upleap review

upleap review

Upleap is an Instagram growth software that claims to help you grow, real and organic followers on Instagram and they also, claim to give you a personal and dedicated account manager that only devotes time to nothing but your Instagram accounts growth.

As stated on Upleap’s website, they claim to increase your engagement, and sales (if you’re a person doing business on Instagram). Upleap has been around for a couple of years and has made a big name in the Instagram marketing niche as they stood out to win the #1 Instagram tool of 2018… BUT here is the big question: IS UPLEAP LEGIT?

upleap review

upleap review

Upleap, as stated on their website, is an Instagram, growth software and is actually for people and businesses who want to reach more audiences using one of the hottest social media networks on the planet right now! (Instagram) and to be specific upleap would be good for people like:

  • YouTubers
  • Marketer
  • Bloggers
  • Aspiring social media influencers
  • Twitch gamers
  • Online stores, Real estate agents & also personal accounts…

So, now that I’m sure you know exactly what Upleap does and who it is for, lets now take a look at the PROS & CONS I personally found while using it…

Upleap Pros (Things I Like About Upleap Instagram Growth Service)

Here, I’m gonna go over the very things that I like about upleap as an Instagram growth software and they include:

  • The first thing that I like about then is the fact that they have real, client reviews from real clients that have gotten real results by using their Instagram growth tool from all around the web…
  • The second thing that I like about upleap is the fact that they really, dedicate, personal account managers to your Instagram account and they are actually one of the very few Instagram growth platforms that provide a fully managed Instagram growth service…
  • With upleap, you actually get diversity in your account promotion strategies, and what I mean by this, is that upleap doesn’t just comment on peoples posts or just like other peoples posts, upleap diversifies and uses both liking posts, commenting, viewing Instagram stories, following other people, etc…
  • Another advantage that upleap has is the fact that they have a very safe login process, unlike many of their competitors in the Instagram growth tool market…
  • One other thing that I like about upleap is that they have super-responsive customer support that’ll always be there to answer all your queries and help you with all your Instagram needs…
  • One very advantageous feature that Upleap has is their, 100% secure payment process that ensures that users are not rendered vulnerable while making payments on the upleap platform…
  • The last but not the least thing that I like about upleap is the fact that it is very easy to integrate and set up as you would just need to answer some questions that your Instagram account manager will then use to find the exact tactics and parameters that he would go when working on your Instagram account growth…
    Upleap Review

    Upleap Review

Upleap Cons(Things I Don’t Like About Upleap)

In this section of this upleap review, I’ll walk you through the things that I don’t like about upleap and these include:

  • You have to share details of your Instagram account with them. You don’t have any option left but to trust them.

Upleap Features: What can It Do?

Upleap basically can and will help you grow your Instagram account by performing all the tasks that you should spend hours and hours of time doing if they were being done by you… I’ll go ahead and list the features of the upleap Instagram growth tool below:

  • The story views feature:with this feature, the upleap Instagram growth tool will go out there and view millions of stories of people that are interested in what your Instagram profile is about and by simply doing that, those people will notice and probably follow your account…
  • The like feature:This feature on upleap goes out to like a bunch of posts on the accounts of people that you target and that way those people see that you are liking their posts and due to that they will check out your own account as well and engage with you!
  • The Targeting feature:this upleap feature, is one that lets you define to your account manager the people that you want to get as your followers on Instagram and with upleap you can do this with many variables, like telling upleap to get you followers that live in a particular location, people that have used a particular hashtag, people that have liked a particular post or even people that follow a particular account!

Getting Started with Upleap

It’s super easy to get started with Upleap.

👉Sign Up for A Free 3-Day Trial🎁

Get Your Account Manager — they will pair you will a manager dedicated to growing your account

Answer some simple questions on relevant hashtags, locations etc for your followers

Boom! Your Instagram will begin skyrocketing.

If you like the free trial — you can then sign up for the paid plans (see below).

If you have any problems — make sure to ask down below in the comments.

Upleap Pricing

upleap review-upleap pricing

upleap review-upleap pricing

We firstly would always recommend signing up to Upleap’s free 3-Day Trial.

There are no strings attached (i.e. doesn’t need any credit card details etc) — and is a great taster for what kind of growth you would get with Upleap.

Upleap Pricing

Upleap also offer 3 Pricing Plans.

Lite Plan

Lite (monthly) — 39$ / month

Lite (yearly) — $349 / year (25% saved per month)

Their cheapest and most basic plan is the Lite Plan — but which still offers all the necessary tools to begin growing your account.

It includes an account manager, targeted hashtags, and similar users.

And is ideal for any smaller account looking to grow organically at a good rate.

👉Check out Upleap’s Lite Plan Here.

Standard Plan

Standard (monthly) — $69/ Month

Standard (yearly) — $579 / Year (30% saved per month)

The Standard Plan offers all the Lite’s features plus the ability to view Instagram Stories and promises faster growth.

It is perfect for any account looking to grow at a faster rate.

👉Check out Upleap’s Standard Plan Here.

Premium Plan

Premium (monthly) — $99 / month

Premium (yearly) — $709 / Year (40% saved per month)

The Premium Plan is Upleap’s top plan — and includes premium support, target locations and exclude keywords.

It offers the fastest organic growth possible — and is for any influencer or business looking to skyrocket their Instagram as quick as possible.

👉Check out Upleap’s Premium Plan Here.

UPLEAP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Does Upleap Work?

Upleap works in just three simple steps and they include:

  1. Signing up for their 3-day free trial. Which can be done by clicking through THIS LINK.
  2. Getting in contact with your account assigned manager & then
  3. Tell your account manager what kind of followers you want and WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT GROW!
  4. Is Using Upleap Safe for Your Instagram?

Yes, it is.

Your account manager is trained to know Instagram’s guidelines very well and will always make sure to prevent your account from getting blocked.

upleap review

upleap review

This is unlike fake Instagram follower services, which are far more likely to get you banned as they aren’t intuitive in slowing down or knowing when to stop — which Instagram will pick up on.

Rest assured Instagram won’t do anything to your account if you are using Upleap.

  1. Will Upleap Steal Your Account (Are They Safe)?

Yes, Upleap are safe — otherwise they would not be as well-reputed or as popular as they are now.

From personal experience I know they aren’t a scam — and would never steal your account or give away your password.

They always make sure the whole login process is super safe and encrypted — so don’t worry about the process at all.

  1. Can you cancel your subscription?

Upleap plans are recurring and automatically renewed monthly or annually.

However, you can cancel the subscription at any time which means the following month and future payments are cancelled.

They even save you data, so that if you resubscribe, you won’t need to go through the whole subscription process again.

To cancel: navigate over to your Subscription Settings page and click the red ‘Cancel’ button for your subscription package.

Note that Upleap say: ‘Pausing an account does not cancel the subscription and related charges’– so make sure you know the difference.

  1. Can You Get A Refund?

Most of the time, no you cannot. (Since you were already offered FREE 3-day Trial to test things out for yourself and see how it works before making a decision to sign up for their paid plans)

They review each case separately, and if you believe you deserve one, you can reach out to their support team.

However, they say that they usually only provide refunds in ‘extreme circumstances’.


Put simply, Upleap is not a scam. And I can tell whether Instagram Growth Services are.

For example, I checked out both SNS Growth and StormLikes and decided they both were scams for various reasons.

Upleap however has all the legitimate checks, and I believe them to be very trustworthy.

👉Here are some reviews from other real users of Upleap to help ease your mind:

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap

upleap review-reviews from real users of upleap


In my opinion, I would say that it’s 100% legit because it has actually worked for me for the past 8 months now as an individual and YES I would recommend it to anyone that’s willing to try, this will be the best Instagram growth tool for your Instagram Account (Personal or Business) in 2021 and beyond.

I would recommend you signup for their 3days free trial first to see how it goes for you, BUT I would still recommend you to use a coupon link while signing up so that you will get a discount when you’re ready to pay. (You can find coupon links that will get you the discounts in this review article because all the links that link out to Upleap from this post are 100% COUPONED. So, just click on anyone & go create your account.

Still, Have Doubts? Watch the Upleap Review Below

If you have read my review till this point then I think you should just watch the video below to hear what a real upleap user had to say about them…

Upleap Review from real upleap user

If After watching the review video, and you have finally decided that you now want to give upleap a try to see if it’ll work for you. I’ll recommend you CLICK HERE to go over to their website and sign up for a free trial because the link I told you to click on will actually get you a discount when you have exhausted your free trial and it’s ready to pay.

Hope This Helps!