Royal Q Reviews – In this royal q reviews, I’ll walk you through all you need to know about royal q. RoyalQ is presented as a quantitative trading robot that will make you money with cryptocurrencies. The robot promises to trade your account on Binance or Huobi and allegedly make you profit per day, but is Royal Q actually legit and deliver as it promises? In this Royal Q review, you’ll find out.

Royal Q Review: LEGIT or SCAM?

Royal Q Review: LEGIT or SCAM?

This Royal Q Review will literally walk you through all there’s to know about this cryptocurrencies trading robot called Royal Q and I’ll also tell you my advice, whether to use Royal Q or avoid it like a plaque.

Let’s go……

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor or Crypto Expert. All opinions shared are for information purposes only. It is not intended to be a piece of investment advice.

Below are the things we’ll be taking a closer look at in this royal q review today, just stick with me to the end of this article to get the full scoop of royal q trading bot.

** What is Royal Q Trading BOT?-(Royal Q Company Background)
** How Does Royal Q Trading Bot Works?
** How to Make Money with Royal Q?
** Royal Q Registration
** Royal Q Activation for Trading
** Binding Royal Q with Your Binance Account
** Royal Q Trade Settings
** Royal Q Trading Bot Review: Pros and Con
** Q Frequently Asked Questions
** What is the minimum investment for Royal Q Bot?
** Is Royal Q Robot Scam or Legit?
** Is Royal Q Compatible with Other Crypto Exchange?
** Is Royal Q safe, Can I Lose My Money?
** Is there Customer Support For Royal Q?
** Royal Q Trading Robot Review: Conclusion


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    We give trade settings for new members in the Group, as well as tips on how to develop their referral team and earn more money.With the current state of economic activity in the twenty-first century, cryptocurrency has been forecasted as the money of the future, which will be widely recognized sooner or later.

Royal Q trading Bot (BOT) is a computer program that is built on a set of cryptocurrency trading signals and that assists traders in determining whether to buy or sell a cryptocurrency pair.
It was created in China and is now owned by a Chinese corporation. It is the goal of the royal q robot to eliminate the psychological component of trading, which may be damaging in the world of investing or cryptocurrency trading.
Trading robots, such as Royal Q, are created to automate cryptocurrency trading on your behalf.
You, on the other hand, must pay close attention to market data while trading cryptocurrencies and then decide which cryptocurrency to trade and at what moment.
These bots aid in the automation of the study and interpretation of market data and statistics.
In addition, they may acquire market data and analyse it, assess possible market risk, and execute transactions for you, such as purchasing or selling crypto assets.
Consider it as if you were employing a cryptocurrency trading specialist to handle all of your cryptocurrency trading while you sit back and watch your profits increase.
The Royal Q Crypto trading bots may frequently save you a significant amount of time and money when compared to employing human specialists in the field.
The reality is that cryptocurrencies are notorious for being incredibly volatile, and the majority of the time, their values may move dramatically even within a few minutes of each other.
As a result, traders are often unable to respond rapidly enough to fluctuations in the market price in order to fulfill their trading objectives.
This is where the crypto robot-like Royal Q (Royal Quantitative) enters the scene, which is a good thing. In reality, they are nothing more than automated software that performs trades and executes transactions on the users’ behalf.

Royal Q Review — What Exactly is Royal Q Trading Bot?

Royal Q Review — What Exactly is Royal Q Trading Bot?

The Royal Q Company was founded in China and is controlled by a Chinese corporation. The Royal Q robot was created to take the psychological factor out of trading, which may be problematic when it comes to cryptocurrency trading in particular. This cryptocurrency trading bot is designed to make decisions on the customer’s behalf. Without the assistance of the Royal Q bot, a person is required to keep a close eye on market developments and determine when the optimum moment to engage in trading is to take place.

The benefit of using the Royal Q bot is that it assists in automating the examination and interpretation of market figures, which is beneficial. The Robot is capable of gathering market data, interpreting it, and calculating the possible risk associated with it. When compared to human specialists, the Royal Q crypto helps to save time and is more cost-effective to recruit.

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The Royal Q Robot costs just $120, and it is for anybody and everyone who wants to benefit from it, regardless of their social status, religion, age, academic background, race, or any other factor.

It is required for customers to integrate the Royal Q trading bot software with a third-party exchange or trading platform in order to benefit from its services.
As of right now, Royal Q is only compatible with the following cryptocurrency trading platforms:

👉So to get started, you’ll have to Register an account with Royal Q and download the app from the Google play store for Android users and Apple store for IOS device users.

👉If you don’t already have an account with Binance you can also create one here…

Alternatively, if you already have a Binance account, just log in to your Binance account and link your Royal Q app with your Binance API credentials to begin trading with the APP.
For the Royal Q app, however, there is an activation charge of 120USDt that must be paid before it may be used (TRC-20). One hundred and twenty dollars for a one-year membership and an additional twenty dollars for gas fuel totaling one hundred and forty dollars for gas fuel and the activation charge.
The gas fuel is a little price that the BOT charges customers whenever it selects transactions (Buy/Sell) for them to execute.
The real trading capital will be held in either your Binance or Huobi account at all times. As a result, you have restricted access to your money.
In reality, since all of your funds are contained inside your Binance account, you have complete control over them. The Royal Q app only makes use of the money in your USDT wallet, and any profits or losses made on trades are deposited in the pair wallet.
The only money that gets to Royal Q is the 120usdt activation cost, which is the bare minimum.

The Royal Q Trading Robot’s functions and characteristics are as follows:

Given that we have established what the Royal Q trading robot is, it is necessary to quickly discuss some of its features and capabilities in further detail.
The following are the benefits that crypto investors stand to earn from employing the Royal Q bot, which is not restricted to the under-listed.

  1. Aside from automating market research and data interpretation, Royal Q bots also save time and money when compared to human specialists.
  2. The crypto trading bots are even more cost-effective when compared to human professionals.
  3. Aside from automating market research and data interpretation, Royal Q bots also save time and money when compared to human specialists.
  4. The bots can gather market statistics and data, analyze them, and, at the same time, determine the potential risk associated with the market.
  5. Royal Q can effectively conduct the purchasing and selling of crypto assets at your instruction; etc.

Now, let’s speak about how to generate money with Royal Q in more detail. Consider this: if Royal Q is the same as every other cryptocurrency trading robot on the market…
So, what is it about it that makes it so popular?
Their network marketing and income sharing programs have helped them to achieve success.
The two primary methods in which consumers may profit from Royal Q are as follows:

  • Trading Cryptocurrency
  • Referral (MLM)

First and foremost, you may earn money using the Royal Q app by trading with the robot using the money that you have available in your Binance or Huobi account, respectively.
Others, on the other hand, who are enthusiastic about multi-level marketing (MLM) have the potential to earn far more money than they would by just trading with their cash.

Consequently, the program is popular since the vast majority of members are attempting to expand their network as a result of their participation in the MLM opportunity.
Let’s take a look at how each of these revenue options operate (Trading and MLM)

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The robot trades cryptocurrency on your behalf based on the amount of capital you provide, and the return on investment (ROI) varies from 1 to 50 percent depending on your trading preferences and the amount of capital you provide.

How to Make Money with Royal Q?

It also has capabilities that allow you to sync with or automatically copy expert traders that are active on the site.
For those who do not know what to trade, synchronizing with expert traders on the trading platform is the best bet.


The most sought-after aspect of the Royal Q system is the referral or networking component. This is because you may make passive revenue by recommending others.

The First Level is referred to as V1…

At this level, you’ll receive a $30 immediate commission on everyone you recommend, as well as a percentage of their trade commission.

The Second Level is referred to as V2…

To reach this level, you must individually refer at least three individuals and form a team of at least 20 people. You or the individuals you’ve registered have either directly or indirectly referred you.
You’ll get a $40 direct referral incentive and a 30% reward bonus from your whole team at this level, as well as a $10 commission per new member activation from your downline.

The Third Level is referred to as V3…

This level gives you a $50 direct referral incentive as well as a 40% team reward.
To get to this level, you’ll need 5 direct referrals and three V2 members from your team, as well as a total of 100 team members.
When your direct downline activates new members, you’ll receive a $20 commission at this level.

The Fourth Level is Referred to as V4…

This level provides you a $60 direct referral incentive everytime you refer someone, as well as a total team payout of 50% from trading profit.
You’ll need 8 direct referrals, three V3, and a total team of 300 to get to this level. When your direct downline registers new members, you’ll earn an additional $30 commission.
You can see how the MLM structures function and why the robot is so popular by looking at the graphic below.

How to Make Money with Royal Q?

How to Make Money with Royal Q?

People attempting to refer you may be doing it just for the referral incentive and the money they hope to earn, regardless of your capital.
So, before parting with your hard-earned cash to invest in the Royal Q BOT, make sure you understand how the platform operates.

Royal Q Trading Bot

Royal Q Trading Bot

If I don’t highlight the pros and cons of the Royal Q trading robot, this review would be incomplete. So consider both the negative and positive aspects of trading with robots in general.

The following are some of the advantages of using robots to trade cryptocurrencies.

👉Create your Royal Q Account Here Now.

Royal Q Trading pros

  • Straightforward and very easy to use
  • Real-time or live strategy analysis
  • 24/7 Artificial intelligence algorithm
  • Quantitative Trading Techniques

👉Create Royal Q Account Here

  1. Straightforward and very easy to use                                        The Royal Q crypto signal bot has no hidden agenda, and the software is simple to use.
    You don’t need to be a computer whiz to utilize it. When an app is linked to a third-party app, consumers often obtain fool-proof robust and quantitative money management                                   2. Real-time or live strategy analysis                            Another advantage of Royal Q is that it provides a real-time update on the crypto market.
    The main point is to ensure that its users are never left in the dark about important information.
    You never know when this knowledge may come in handy while making tough trading selections

    3. 24/7 Artificial intelligence algorithm

    In a similar fashion, the app executes critical operating strategies by combining continuous intelligent tracking with powerful data processing capabilities.
    All of this is part of Royal Q’s artificial intelligence system, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to keep its consumers informed about the crypto market.                                                     4. Quantitative Trading Techniques

    More so, the Royal Q system employs qualitative artificial intelligence algorithms to strengthen its quantitative trading strategies.

    These algorithms are suitable for the present market model as they are designed to remove spamming trading users, unprofessional trends judgments, etc.

    • Crypto trading bots are also without perfection
    • There could be programming errors (…but this is very rare)
    • Money won’t come overnight

    1. Crypto trading bots are also without perfection         One of the drawbacks of Royal Q bots is that they aren’t flawless. Although this flaw isn’t exclusive to Royal Q, other bitcoin trading bots aren’t without flaws.
    They are a group of robots that have been developed and programmed with a set of orders to help them anticipate crypto markets.
    In addition, depending on the given analysis, you may purchase or sell cryptos. However, they may encounter programming faults and, as a result, force you to exchange crypto assets, resulting in a loss of funds.

2. Money won’t come overnight

You will absolutely earn money through Royal Q if you are dedicated. But, to be honest, money does not arrive on a gold platter.

Maybe you still have a couple of doubts, right? Hopefully, in this part, I’ll be able to respond to them.
These are the most commonly requested Royal Q questions. So, if you’re facing a problem, chances are you’ll discover answers here.

The activation charge, which is $120 for the yearly membership, is the only money that goes to Royal Q, with the remaining $20 going to gas fuel.
As a result, your trading capital will be put on Binance, and the least amount you may trade with is $10.
Technically, I’d say $130 is the minimum investment, but for acceptable returns on your trading money, I’d suggest anything between 100 and 200 dollars.
To activate the BOT and begin trading on Binance, you’ll need to spend a total of $220. The more the capital, however, the greater the returns.

Royal Q is not a Scam. All you need to know is how the platform operates. Remember this: the only money that goes to royal q is the $100 yearly membership price.
And the Robot trades for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using money from your Binance account.
Your trading money is safe since it is put in your Binance USDT wallet, which is one of the most secure crypto exchanges available.
Other prominent trading bots charge as much as $100 per month, but Royal Q costs just $100 per year.

This is a drawback of the Royal Q app; at the moment, you can only trade on the Binance and Huobi cryptocurrency exchanges.
However, as Binance is one of the most prominent exchange platforms, trading with it should not be difficult.

👉Create your Royal Q Account Here Now.

Because Royal Q only trades spot on Binance and does not employ leverage, it is basically risk-free and totally safe for everyone.
The robot basically buys when the market is low and sells when the market is high.
However, it is conceivable in the event of a loss due to floating loss. However, you should be aware that a floating loss is not a true loss until the item is sold.
Let me show you how it works…
For example, if you purchased Litecoin for $100 and it declines 30% in value, you will have a $30 floating loss until the currency regains its value.
So, if you leave it and it rises in value, there is no loss; but, if you sell it inside the floating loss, you will have suffered a genuine loss.
As a result, YES, you may lose your money.
But keep in mind that the same thing applies to your crypto asset if you just purchase it and put it in your wallet, hoping it would increase later.
This is due to the nature of the cryptocurrency market, not Royal Q.

Yes, Royal Q offers 24-hour customer service. To contact them, log in to your Royal Q account and choose “Mine” >> “Royal Q FeedBack”

Royal Q Review — How to Activate Royal Q

Royal Q Review — How to Activate Royal Q

Having registered and downloaded the app on your mobile device, up next is for you to activate the app for crypto trading.

To do this, login into the app using the information you used in the course of doing your registration and then active the app for trading.

  • To activate it for trading, go to ‘Mine’ ( you will see it at the bottom right-hand side of the app);
  • Then click on the ‘Asset’ button;
  • On the third row, you will also see three buttons with ‘‘deposit’’, ‘‘withdraw’’ and ‘‘transfer’’ tag;
  • Click on the deposit button to copy your personal Royal Q bot account wallet address;
  • Now send the 120usdt (TRC-20) activation fee to the wallet address;
  • Click on the “activate” button.
How To Bind Royal Q with Your Binance Account

How To Bind Royal Q with Your Binance Account

Binding the Royal account to the trading account is simple. It’s either a Huobi or a Binance account here. Click on more in your Binance account to get to the final section on API maintenance. Create a new API key by giving it a name and clicking the create button.
To guarantee that the money in the account are protected, one must understand the Robot settings. Binance Binding enables the Robot to trade solely with the funds specified in your Binance Account.
A video guide on how to link your Royal Q account to your Binance account can be seen below.

Royal Q Trade Settings

After clicking on any pair, you should see something like the image below.

Royal Q Trade Settings

Royal Q Trade Settings

Royal Q Trade Settings
This is where you specify the trade settings for the robot to use while trading.
It is critical that you realize that your trade settings only apply to the capital you are trading with.
Someone trading $100 will have a different trading strategy than someone trading $1000 or $10,000.
However, I’ll do my best to break it down as much as possible so that everyone understands how the settings operate.
To begin trading, click on the trade settings button, and you’ll see something similar to the picture below.
Royal Q Trade Settings
Royal Q Trade Settings

As you can see from above we have:

  • First Buy In Amount
  • Open Position Doubled
  • Margin Call Limit
  • Whole Position Take Profit Ratio
  • Whole Position Take Profit Callback
  • Margin Configuration
  • Buy In Callback

👉Create your Royal Q Account Here Now.

Assuming you have sufficient trading capital and a total number of margin calls (numbers of deep you’ll be purchasing when the coin decreases in value after you make the trade), this is the amount with which you’ll begin the trade.
It’s essential that you don’t use your ‘First Buy In Amount’ as your whole starting capital.
If my trading capital is roughly $100, I may determine whether to make my ‘initial buy-in amount’ $10 or $20, based on the number of margin calls I expect to make.

Simply put, you’ll be purchasing twice as much of whatever market you enter. This will just double the amount of your initial buy-in, as well as any margin calls you’ll be making.
However, it is not advised. So, when it comes to setting up your deal, I won’t advise you to check the box. It isn’t required!

The margin call limit basically refers to how many DEEP you want the BOT to purchase if the market drops after you’ve made the transaction.
If you’re acquainted with Dollar Cost Averaging, you should be familiar with the “Margin Call Limit” (DCA)
DCA is a method in which you invest a large quantity of money in tiny increments over time rather than all of your capital at once.
The idea is to profit from market downturns without putting too much money at risk at any particular moment.
If the price of an asset falls during the period you are dollar-cost averaging, you will benefit if the price rises again.
As a result, the total number of “Margin Call Limit” you set corresponds to the total number of times you’ll purchase the coin based on percentage drops.

This is the position where you want the BOT to take profit for you once you’ve entered the trade. The default value is around 1.3 percent.
However, you may always increase or decrease it according to your preferences. This implies that once the stated % has been reached, the robot will sell for you automatically.

Your take profit is triggered by the entire position take profit callback. It does not sell right away when your profit % is reached.
However, if there is a tiny fall and the % specified is reached, it will automatically sell and profit for you.

Royal Q Trade Settings

Royal Q Trade Settings

Royal Q Trade Settings

This configuration indicates the amount of deep you’re going to be buying based on the percentage drops.

Consider the following scenario: your trading capital is $100, with a $10 first buy-in, and you’re employing four margin calls.
This implies your initial call will be 1 time at a market depth of 3.5 percent. That instance, if the price of the coin you’re trading falls by 3.5 percent, the robot will purchase an additional 1 time at the $10 “First Buy-In Amount.” ($10 multiplied by one equals $10)
Looking at the graphic above, the second call… We have a 4% and a two-fold increase. This means that if the coin declines another 4%, the robot will purchase two more at the price of your “initial buy-in amount.”
That’ll be $10 multiplied by two to become $20. The same is true for the remaining margin calls. 

👉Create your Royal Q Account Here Now.

Simply put, “Buy in Callback” indicates that once you’ve made your initial profit, the percentage at which you want the bot to buy again so you may earn more gains as the price rises.
After you’ve double-checked everything, simply click start trading, and the robot will begin trading on your behalf.

👉If you’re interested in joining our team, chat me up on Whatsapp here at +23409058197939 and let me add you up to the team.

👉We can also help with your account activation if you run into any challenges.

Looking at it another way, the only money you’re paying to royal q is the 120usdt activation charge.
Because the app has no authority on your asset in Binance, you have complete control over the rest of your assets. With the exception of the funds in the USDT wallet, which it utilizes to trade.
Because the crypto market is a volatile market, you may be putting your money at risk. As a result, only invest money that you are willing to lose.
I, for one, tried out the app. I started with $10 and raised my trading capital to roughly $180 on the fifth day, for a total return of $10.1 in 8 days.
It is safer to assume that the Royal Q crypto trading bots are authentic at this time. Many others are profiting from it, and I honestly don’t understand why you should be excluded.

👉Create your Royal Q Account Here Now.