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What Exactly is Jobber?

Jobber Software Review

Jobber Software Review

Jobber is a cloud-based field service management software solution that allows small and midsize service businesses to manage field staff, provide customer support, and expand business operations either through a mobile app or a desktop dashboard.

As a service business solution, Jobber supports over 50+ service industries and provides interchangeable tools such as an integrated CRM, real-time scheduling and dispatching, expense tracking, invoice creation and billing, online booking, a self-service client hub, quoting, client reminders, automatic emails and many more. With time tracking functionality, Jobber’s scheduling module allows users to update any job in real-time such information on task completed and project progress so management can effectively track field

Jobber is one of the big players in the field service management software field, and it shows. Their desktop offering is comprehensive enough to satisfy managers, and the jobber app streamlined enough to help field technicians.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s actually the mark of vision on behalf of Jobber’s product design. It suggests that Jobber is able to distinguish between the needs of different people doing different things with their software.

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The software has many important features, such as:

  • Client hub
  • Client manager
  • Client notifications
  • GPS tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Job forms
  • Mobile app
  • Online booking
  • Quoting
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Time and expense tracking

Jobber provides field service software to the following industries:

Alarm Installation, Appliance Repair, Carpet Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Drywall Services, Electrical Contracting, Fencing Services, Flooring Services, Garage Door Automation, General Contracting, Handyman Services, Hardscaping, Home Automation, Home Lighting Installation, HVAC, Irrigation Services, Janitorial Services, Junk Removal, Landscaping, Lawn Care, Mechanical Services, Mobile Pet Services, Painting, Paving, Pest Control, Plumbing, Pool & Spa Services, Pressure Washing, Property Management, Protective Coatings, Renovations, Residential Cleaning, Roofing, Security Installation, Snow Removal, Tree Care, Window Cleaning etc.

Jobber’s Key Features

Jobber Software Review

Jobber Software Review

Jobber’s key features include:

  • Client hub – The client hub gives companies a branded website that allows customers to book new or additional jobs, approve requests, check appointments, pay invoices and print receipts.
  • Client manager – The client manager is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that records customer details, including quotes, jobs, visits, invoices and billing info. Users can attach photos and notes to a customer’s profile.
  • Client notifications – Users can customize and automate client notifications for appointment reminders, texts to let customers know that an employee is coming and follow-up emails.
  • GPS tracking – GPS tracking helps companies optimize routes for an employee’s jobs, assign incoming jobs to the closest employee and monitor an employee’s location.
  • Invoicing – Users can create invoices from templates or completed jobs, send them to customers and track payments. The software can also automatically charge a credit card listed on a customer’s profile.
  • Job forms – Companies can use templates to create and customize service authorization forms and checklists for jobs and site inspections.
  • Mobile app – The mobile app lets users receive push notifications, schedule jobs, view job details and team progress, GPS track employees and create invoices. The app is available on iOS and Android.
  • Online booking – Online booking lets customers book new jobs through your website or Facebook page. The request includes customer details and triggers a push notification.
  • Quoting – Users can create, send and track customer quotes. Users can schedule on-site assessments, require signatures, accept deposits and attach quotes to customer profiles.
  • Reporting – Companies can create reports on work requests, completed jobs, quotes, financials and customer profiles.
  • Scheduling and dispatching – Scheduling and dispatching allows companies to create a job, choose a client and assign it to an employee. Users can coordinate dispatch with multiple calendar views, drag-and-drop functionality, push notifications and progress monitoring.
  • Time and expense tracking – Time and expense tracking lets users submit working hours by clocking in or inputting hours into a timesheet. Users can also record expenses, scan receipts and attach photos. Timesheets and expense reports are automatically synced with payroll and accounting.

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Working with Jobber support

When I called Jobber support, they were helpful. Even better, they did something I’ve never seen a software company do: offer to call less. Normally, finding your way into a company’s sales funnel means an unending, horror movie-esque series of sales calls from a frontline business development employee with the merciless resolve of a slasher villain.

When I called Jobber, however, the support representative I connected with, asked me if I wanted fewer calls from the sales team. I was also satisfied with the rest of the experience. My call was only eight minutes in total, and the support representative had a ready answer for my question, too.

Jobber Software Review

Jobber Software Review- Benefits of Jobber

Benefits of Jobber

Jobber’s major selling points are the accessible pricing structure and the thoughtful design. Jobber’s design is consciously different for the administrators who use the desktop version and the field technicians who use the app.

Service business software is meant to streamline a business’s operations. Making sure that your software adapts to the different needs of different employees is a great way to do that.

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Satisfy back office and field workers alike with Jobber

It’s tough for anyone to satisfy both management and labor, but Jobber does a pretty good job of it. On one hand, the detailed and feature-rich desktop program helps you wrangle all the information you need to keep customers happy.

On the other, the Jobber mobile app gets to the point with its action-oriented UI. In both cases, while the visuals may occasionally be bewildering, the overall experience is worth your consideration.

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What Problems Will Jobber Solve?

Problem #1Almost everything’s in disarray in my business

Solution: Before Jobber, I’d spend 2 hours each night text messaging my team members their schedule for the next morning. Because we do everything manually, our paper work is in a mess that it takes hours to process job orders, where delays and issues are a common thing. Most of the time, I’m a few months behind on invoicing, which is why clients pay us late, so my teams aren’t paid on time. With Jobber, we are able to save more than 10 hours a week in completing tasks as it helps us manage and automate our important day-to-day workflows so we get the job done and get paid—faster.

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Problem #2We always go the extra mile but we can’t seem to impress our customers

Solution: Before Jobber, I’d spend most of my day playing phone tag with my clients, trying hard to keep up with their requests. I needed to try finding time to call or email clients in between, or even worse, while on a job, to get them to approve quotes, remind them about upcoming appointments, to try to collect payments, send them receipts they’ve asked for, and more. Now, with Jobber’s client hub, our clients can self-serve on many things they need: approve and sign quotes, pay deposits, check on who’s coming and when, make a payment, print receipts, or request for more work—all in just a few clicks. We’re also able to provide better customer service without the extra back-and-forth. Jobber helps us provide a positive experience for our clients that enhanced our company image, while repeat orders had become a common thing.

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Problem #3Been working too hard but can’t grow my business

Solution: Before Jobber, I was so busy with my everyday tasks, always toxic at work that I can’t find time to focus on things that can help my business grow. By making my processes more efficient and by empowering my team with what they need, Jobber has allowed me to gain full control of my business, to stay on top of things, and to start scaling my business. My cash flow is now strong because I’ve made it easy for my customers to pay online, and we’ve started receiving  feedback on every job so I can now directly address any weak areas in my operations. We’re now receiving many reviews/recommendations from our happy clients, so we’re steadily building our business reputation. And ever since I’ve added Jobber’s work requests to my website and social media accounts, I get around 36 new leads on a monthly basis. Overall, not only was I able to spend more quality personal time with my family, I can now work smarter and focus on the more important things that business owners should be doing, like attracting new clients, motivating my teams, etc.

Jobber Pricing

Jobber Software Review Jobber Pricing

Jobber Software Review  – Jobber Software Review

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Pros and Cons


  • Can save hours of paperwork
  • Have your whole workflow managed in one place
  • Once you get the hang of it, Jobber could save you money and lead to more clients


  • Steep learning curve
  • Can be a little bit costly for very small business

Here’s’ what other Happy Customers Jobber have to say about the services of Jobber

Jobber Review (Customers Feedback)

Jobber Review (Customers Feedback)

Jobber Review (Customers Feedback)

Jobber Review (Customers Feedback)

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Jobber Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Jobber have gps tracking?

Yes, Jobber integrates with Google Maps. As a result, it’s easy to get routes to and from the job site.

  • Does Jobber offer a free version?

No, Jobber’s cheapest version starts at $29/month, and it’s only good for one user.

  • Does Jobber integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, Jobber integrates with QuickBooks.

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