How to open a PayPal Account that sends and receives money in Nigeria. Hi Guys, Here you will discover how to create a verified PayPal Account to receive your Funds in Nigeria and Withdraw it to your own Nigeria local Bank Account easily…

Do you work online? Are you a Nigeria Digital Marketer, an Affiliate Marketer, an Online Entrepreneur or a Freelancer etc. and you are having a hard time receiving your hard earned money here in Nigeria because of the restriction on Nigeria PayPal and you are looking for the way to get over that? Or you’ve created a PayPal account that can send and receive money here in Nigeria but you are having problem withdrawing your money to your own Local Bank Account Live? Congratulations! This Article is the Answer to your Prayers, just read to the end, you are already in the right place.

At the end of this article, you will be able to create your own fully verified PayPal Account that you’ll be able to send and receive money with. Not only that, you’ll be able to withdraw your money from your verified PayPal Account into your Nigeria Local Bank Account easily(You can as well withdraw your money from any ATM Machine or P.O.S here in Nigeria or Transfer to any Bank of your Choice).

Are you ready for this?

Let’s Goooooooooooooo!!!

how to create a working paypal account in nigeria that can send and receive money and also withdraw to local bank account

Yeah, you are aware that our Nigeria PayPal Account is kind of restricted from receiving funds (but can send), and this makes it non-reliable for running a business due to the limitations that are placed on it, I mean what’s the point of working if we cannot withdraw the money we work for? It doesn’t make any sense. (If you are a Nigerian, unfortunately your PayPal account cannot receive funds from an international account let alone withdrawing your funds).

Well, that is not a new thing, Most African countries; Mostly Nigeria tends to be neglected in many online dealings. It’s not fair though but then, we will always find our way through.

As digital marketers, the best and the easiest way to receive our funds online is through PayPal and as a result of that, we cannot do without a fully verified PayPal Account to receive our funds and withdraw our money easily with no questions asked.

PayPal is one of the fastest, quickest, and the most legit way of making transactions online both Locally and Internationally.

You can also use your verified Nigeria PayPal Account to shop online, make payments and so on with little or no charge.

Continue reading to discover how you can create a fully verified PayPal Account in Nigeria and Withdraw your Funds easily.

Requirements for creating a Verified PayPal Account in Nigeria

  1. Your Nigeria Phone Number
  2. Your Correct House Address
  3. ATM Card and
  4. A Valid Government Issued ID Card or Passport… that’s all it takes.

I believe you’ve probably come across some few opportunities to make some decent cash online but PayPal limits that opportunity…

What I’m also sure of is…you’ve heard there is a way to open a US verified PayPal account that has to use a fake US number and some VPN to hide or change your location?

Trust me…

All those illegal acts will cost you your hard earned money and your PayPal account! In other words, sooner or later you’ll be banned.

Using VPN and hiding your IP location is trying to deceive PayPal that you’re not in Nigeria…

…and that you’re using the account from a different part of the world outside Nigeria!

Because we all know you can’t receive money via PayPal in Nigeria…

But, as I said earlier, you have nothing to worry about…The story has changed for Nigerians!

We all can now receive funds LEGALLY from this means I’m about to share with you in my report…

and without being scared of losing your money. If you’ve been doing that or want to do that…

I’ll suggest you stop else, it’s going to cost you in the long run.

I am Samuel Eniola, an Online Entrepreneur. I had wanted to give up on my Online Business and entrepreneurial journey in general when I was having issues with my PayPal Account…it was terrible, until I discovered the Simple Secret to creating a fully verified PayPal Account that has the full features and capacities to Send and Receive Funds from anywhere in the world and at the same time withdraw my money to my Nigeria Local Bank Account.

Thanks to my verified PayPal account…

I can now receive funds from my online business and getting paid as ceased to be an issue to me.

Below are some of my notification screenshot of money received, sent via PayPal. And the withdrawal I made as well…

So you can equally know you yourself can start receiving money with this kind of account once you set it up Now.

how to open a working paypal account in nigeria

how to open a working paypal account in nigeria

how to open a working paypal account in nigeria

how to open a working paypal account in nigeria and withdraw to nigeria local bank account

how to open a working paypal account in nigeria

I think the message is clear that I don’t have issues with receiving payment via PayPal in Nigeria!

I can send, receive, make payment online, do online shopping and the Highest of all, withdraw my money to my Nigeria Local Bank Account without stress.

What this means is …

if I can, then you can also!

You can even use it to receive payment from abroad or send payment to your loved ones overseas.

Most Importantly…

You can use it to receive payment from your online stores.

With these…

Selling on eBay, Etsy or even your drop shipping store on Shopify or WordPress will not be an issue again.

Now, I have created a report on how I did it then for my own account and enjoying it till now and how I have done it for hundreds of people in Nigeria and still counting…

Don’t worry, even a 14-year old boy will easily set it up after going through my report because I went straight to the point and explained it in details.

I am just giving it out to as many people as possible for a token as a Bonus, considering the fact that many People are jobless now in Nigeria because of the Pandemic and people are coming online now to earn some money and I know how daunting and discouraging it may be for people to work and not be able to receive their hard earned money online, or even after some have managed to receive their money but still be facing challenges withdrawing the money into their Nigeria Local Bank Account.

I am giving it out with a Whopping 75% OFF Discount (But For Fast Action Takers Only).

The Original Price I sell this Report is N20,000 but I am giving it out for the First 150 People to Contact me at a ridiculously cheap price of N5,550 only but this is for a very Limited time before the price goes back to how it was. And if this doesn’t work for you within your first 14 days of your purchase, you are getting your money back in full with no questions asked, so you have nothing to lose.


how to create a working paypal account in nigeria that can send and receive money and also withdraw to local bank account

Mind you, there are some things you need to know about this Verified PayPal Account, and they are as follow:

👉 It’s not the popular PayPal that you need to change your IP before you can access your account

👉 Or the US PayPal that you will be told to buy a VPN in other to protect your account…

👉With this PayPal, you can withdraw your money directly to you Nigeria local bank account.

👉 Most importantly, you are withdrawing your fund at the exact dollar rate to naira with Zero Charges being deducted from your money.(i.e. If the exchange rate of dollar to naira is N385 to $1, you are getting your N385 and If the exchange rate is N400 to $1, you are getting your full N400) In other words, there is no charges been taken from your money-no third party here.

👉 With this PayPal, you can cash your money out through any ATM Machine in Nigeria or through P.O.S.

👉 After getting the report it’s totally free to set up. No future charges to maintain the account.

👉 Going through the report I will give you will make it stupid simple for you to set up that even a 14-year old boy can easily set it up.

👉 In the Next 1–2Hours, you can get it set up and it will be working fully.

👉 Simply put, all you need to open this account is the truth about yourself and nothing more.

What are the Requirements?

👉 Your real and correct home address

👉 You should be on or above 18 years old

👉 A working and active mobile line

👉 A valid government issued I.D card

👉 A Gmail Account.

👉 A valid Nigeria ATM card (Visa, MasterCard or Dollar-card) for verification.

There’s nothing hidden about the whole process!

Your account can be up and running within 1 hour once you meet the requirement.

And That’s not all, if you’ve not been working online before or you’ve working and you are looking for a way to increase your earning with little effort, I have decided to also give the first 150 People that got this report a 100% Free Bonus that will teach them step by step blueprint on how to earn at least #10,000 Naira to #15,000 Naira Per day Online and get paid directly into their PayPal account and withdraw their money.

I am just doing all these to help my fellow Nigerians in my own little capacity especially during this Pandemic, and make Nigeria a better place to stay(I derive pleasure in helping people).

So, in order to get this report at that cheap price and also get all the great Bonuses that come with it, you need to act very fast.

how to open a verified paypal account that sends and receives money in nigeria

And Also, lest I forget, I will also give you a 14-day money back guarantee. i.e. If you get my report and you are unable to create your own verified PayPal Account that receives and sends money worldwide or unable to withdraw your Funds from PayPal to your Nigeria Local Bank Account. I will return your full money back to you with no questions asked. I am that confident about it.

(In order words, you either create a Verified PayPal Account that sends, receives and at the same time able to withdraw your money to your Nigeria Local Bank Account or you get your full money back with no questions asked.)


how to create a paypal account in nigeria

Step 1:

You need to make a Deposit/Transfer of N5,550 into the bank details


Bank: FCMB (Saving Account)

Account No: 6893432019

Step 2:
After payment, send an email message containing

YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, Proof of Payment and Date of payment to

Call @ +2348130049240 OR +2349058197939

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the package or download link within 30 minutes max.

The Ball is Now in Your Court!

You can actually choose to ignore this opportunity and let those potential paying internet business continue to pass you by. I know most people don’t know(especially here in Nigeria) that there is no limit to how much you can earn online(legitimately) if you know how to, even a secondary school student here in Nigeria can be earning way higher than a Professor with Several years of service(it’s odd right? But that’s the fact).

So, even if you are new to this making money online of a thing, this is the best time to come on board and learn because in the online space, the more you learn, the more you earn. It has nothing whatsoever to do with age. So don’t let anything stop you from crushing it online, even PayPal must not stop you, so this is your opportunity now.

Grab it now, it’s for a limited time before the price goes up or at worst even slip off your hand.

just grab the opportunity once and for all!

I’m not sure you can get anything like this out there…

because most of what you will get will require you paying for VPN as such.

Another thing you should know is…

I can even decide to return the price to the original price it was any moment from now..

But one thing I don’t like is you letting a good opportunity pass you by.

But what can I do?

It’s all your decision now!

Thank You.