Do you want to create account on Fiverr like a professional? Do not create a Fiverr account before seeing the powerful tips in this article. Read through this post, and you will learn how to create an account on Fiverr like professionals.

There are several freelancing websites online, but Fiverr is the most popular of them all. Because people may easily buy and sell stuff here. Many people wish to join Fiverr. However, many people are worried about how to create Buyer and Seller accounts.

Many people are unable to create a Fiverr account as a result of this. However, you no longer need to be concerned about this. Because here, all of your troubles will be resolved, allowing you to work on Fiverr more effectively and earn more money.

In fact, don’t create a Fiverr account if you’ve not read this post because here are some tips that are going to enable you to avoid some unnecessary mistakes and make your Fiverr account look as professional as possible.

Before we get fully into the specifics of how to make an account on Fiverr, keep in mind that all accounts made on the platform are buyer accounts by default.

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How to create a fiverr account

How to create a fiverr account

Must Know Before Creating Account on Fiverr

Here are all of the hidden secrets that a beginner freelancer should be aware of before creating a Fiverr account. This will be your first step in earning and withdrawing money from Fiverr.

Fiverr is a freelancing network that allows anyone to join and start selling their services. Thousands of freelancers come to Fiverr every day to set up their accounts.

However, only a few of them will show in the Fiverr search results. Even worse, the vast majority of them do not appear to anyone who visits the Fiverr website.

The difference between a buyer and seller account exists only if a buyer decides to start selling services on Fiverr. This post will walk you through the process of creating a buyer account and activating your seller account.

So, let’s see how to make a Fiverr account both as a buyer and a seller.

But let’s see buyer account first.


  • You can only use your desktop to activate your seller account
  • You can only use your desktop to create your gig
    Create account on fiverr,

    Create account on fiverr,

Steps to Sign up for Fiverr Account

A. How to Create a Buyer Account

To sign up for this platform, you must follow a few basic steps. The steps are as follows:

Step 1:

Go to

Open your internet browser and type into the address box. The website of Fiverr will appear in front of you.

Create fiverr account

Create fiverr account

To join Fiverr, we must first register a Buyer account, which is the simplest to do. To do so, go to the Fiverr website and click the “JOIN” icon in the upper right corner.

A new page appears after that. You can sign up here using your Google account, Facebook account, Apple account, or Direct email account. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never choose any of these Facebook accounts. A personal Facebook account is not a professional account. Aside from that, there is a chance that the Facebook account will be blocked at any time. So, if you have a Google account, you can select it here, or if you have an Apple account, you can select that.

However, it is preferable to sign up by providing your email address directly. The benefit is that it is a little more secure. Click “Continue” after entering your email address.

Create fiverr account

Create Fiverr account the correct way

Step 2:

Choose Strong Password

It is necessary for you to create a password. To make a strong and safe password, combine a small letter with a capital letter. Also, make sure to include a number and a character symbol in the password.

This is the password that will allow you to access your account. Your password must be a special one and difficult to guess. Make sure your password contains a mix of letters, words, and symbols.

For example; Rather than using a password like this “abc123”, you can go for abc@123#1 etc.

fiverr account set up

fiverr account set up


  1. Create a username for yourself!
  2. Create a Strong Password
  3. Once you’ve actually completed your account, you won’t be able to change your username.
  4. – Your username serves as your display name (and is included in your Fiverr URL), so select wisely!
  5. Select a password and then click Join.
  6. You’ve completed the Fiverr registration process! You will receive an email to activate your account, so please check your registered email address.
  7. Please keep in mind that the activation link in the email is only usable for 30 days.
  8. Click Activate Your Account in the Fiverr activation email you received.

Your Fiverr Buyer account is now ready to use. You can outsource your job here to someone else who will complete it according to your specifications. You can identify and purchase ‘Gigs’ that meet your needs by using the search tool.

B. How to create a Fiverr seller account?

Guys, Creating a seller account is likewise quite simple. You will not need to register a Fiverr seller account if you want to ‘Hire’ someone for any of your business or for any work on Fiverr. However, if you have a valuable skills and want to earn money from it, you must first create a seller account. Where you can build ‘Gigs’ based on your skills. So, tell us how to set up a Fever seller’ll see how to create a Fiverr account.

To create a Fiverr seller account, go to the right-hand corner and click the profile symbol. The option to ‘Become a Seller’ will appear after that. When you select that option, a new page appears. It has four different sorts of guides that show how to make a successful seller profile. You’ll also find a video tutorial here. You can either look at them or just click the ‘Continue’ button below.

👉 Create Your Fiverr Gig Here

  1. Click Become a Seller

From the dropdown menu, pick Become a Seller from your profile image.

Become a seller on fiverr

Become a seller on fiverr

A new page appears after that. You must choose all of the essential items here. Always remember to include things here that are appropriate for your skill levels(in other word, what you’re capable of doing, your field of expertise ). Only then will you be able to make a profit as a seller and become a professional seller on fiverr in no time and consistently get a lot and lot of orders.

How to use fiverr as a seller

How to use fiverr as a seller

Constructing your own complete seller profile.

After that, you must construct your own complete seller profile. You must provide all of your personal information here. To begin, you must provide a clear profile photo of yourself. Keep in mind that you should use a professional and attractive photo for this. After that, your username will appear just below your profile picture, and we will not be able to edit it after it has been created. A short profile bio tag line should be placed under the username.

You must give the tag line based on your skills and abilities. If you’re a video editor, for example, your tag line should be ‘Professional Video Editor,’ and you can then choose your location and availability. The name of your city must be provided in the location, and the employment availability is typically to take leave. For example, it may be necessary to take a few days off from work due to other activities. Similarly, you can take time off when it is convenient for you.

You can take a leave for any number of days based on the date you provide, and you can also explain why you are taking a vacation. You will not get any orders on Fiverr during that time. After your holiday season has passed, orders will begin to arrive and you’ll begin to receive many orders.

fiver seller profile creation

fiver seller profile creation

Following that, you must give a brief description of yourself. You can provide detailed information about your profession and talents here.

Write a compelling and to-the-point profile description: A compelling and to-the-point profile description will convert better than a random one. As a result, you must include a dynamic description as well as eye-catching words and sentences. This will assist you in gaining customer confidence and conversions.

The description of your profile is just as vital as the description of your fiverr gig. Because this is the only portion found at the end of every fiverr Gig. As a result, make sure you cover all of the crucial points there as well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you write your profile description:

  • a little introduction to yourself
  • Mention your knowledge in a skill.
  • Tell us about your most recent projects.
  • Come up with some plausible lines.

After that, you’ll be given the choice to choose a language. Select your native language and if you are fluent or native in English. You have the option of choosing one or two conversational languages, such as Spanish or French. You’re probably thinking that I don’t speak Spanish or French.

What if I get orders in Spanish or French? How can I communicate with them? You do not need to be concerned about this. Because you should utilize Google Translate if you get orders in Spanish, French, or any other language. You can do this by searching for Google Translate on Google or by downloading the app to your phone. You don’t need to spend weeks or months to learn a new language, you simply need to make use of google translate and this will translate any language to any kind of language you want, it is very easy, you just copy and paste and guess what, it is completely free.

language translation

language translation

After that, you must describe your skill. You choose a single talent from a fiber account where you have previous expertise. This gives the buyer a positive impression. After that, you must provide information about your education, certifications, and website. The next step is to link your social media accounts. Make certain that no part is left unfilled. Please fill in the blanks as needed. This creates a favorable impression.

Thereafter, you must confirm your identity with an email address and a personal phone number for security purposes. Your seller profile will be complete only after that.

After you’ve completed your Fiverr seller profile, go to your profile and take a test. It is required to take and pass this test in order to receive further orders from Fiverr. To pass these tests, you must achieve a minimum score of 60%. You must complete at least one test based on your chosen skill and aim for a 60 percent score. If you don’t pass the test the first time, you can take it again within 24 hours. If you fail again, you have three months to retake the test. Here, you are given three months to master new talents and improve your existing ones.

You won’t need to travel somewhere else to pick up new skills. Fiverr’s learning portal, ‘Acquire from Fiverr,’ allows you to learn any skill. Here you will find all of the tutorials that are relevant to your needs. You can enhance yourself by learning any of these abilities. You can retake the test after mastering the skill from here. In this approach, you can create a whole fiber cellar profile.

NOTE: Fill in the required fields (as marked with an asterisk). Make sure to fill out your onboarding form with only the most up-to-date and accurate information about your training, work experience, and skills.

Remember that the more accurate and extensive the information you provide, the more valuable your seller profile will be and the more reputable, professional, expert and competent your potential buyers will see you and the higher chances you have to get orders.

Note: connect your account to your other social network accounts. Taking a minute to verify and link your accounts will improve your trustworthiness and enable us to supply you with additional work. Don’t worry, your personal information will always be kept private.

verifying your fiverr account

verifying your fiverr account

Fiverr Account Phone Verification

You must phone verify your account at the end of the onboarding procedure.

verifying your fiverr account

verifying your fiverr account

Phone Verification on fiverr

Phone Verification on fiverr

Create Your First Gig and offer your skills

As a vendor on Fiverr, the final step is to Create Your First Gig and offer your skills! Check out some helpful hints for creating a gig.

👉 Create Your Fiverr Gig Here

Watch the Video Tutorial of how to create a Fiverr account here:


Friends, this is how you may set up your Fiverr account and finish your profile. With this you can ‘Hire’ anyone to help you with your task. Aside from that, you can earn extra money by selling ‘Gigs’ and purchasing new orders.

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Hope This Helps!