If you’re serious about growing your Instagram following, you need to get the right Instagram tools to help you reach your goals and get real and active Instagram followers…

Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

Hey guys! Samuel Here, in this article I’m gonna be walking you through the best Instagram growth service to gain more real and active Instagram followers and build your online presence the fastest way possible.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels, so having a strong presence on this platform is important to many businesses, brands, and everyday people. That’s why so many users and top brands invest in an Instagram growth service to help them increase their followers.

Instagram is one of — if not the — biggest and most popular social media platform around today. To make the most out of it we need to have best Instagram tools at our disposal.

Some growth services will sell you fake followers that will hurt your account in the long run, but there are a number of quality Instagram growth services available today that will organically and safely grow your following. Check out the best growth services for Instagram to grow your online presence.

It’s just a matter of finding which one will maximize your efforts

Today, I’ll go over some of the best Instagram tools for 2021 and how they can help you achieve social success. You can add any one of these to a list of social tools to expand your campaign and get more out of the experience.

Before we dive right into the best Instagram growth tools, I think it’s very important to know the Importance of Marketing on Instagram and why the Top 100 brands in the world are on the platform.

Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

The Importance of Marketing on Instagram

Instagram is an effective tool for marketing products. In fact, as many as 72% of users have purchased something they say on the social media app. Considering how it’s estimated that nearly 105 million people in the US used Instagram in 2018, that’s quite a number of sales!

As for connecting to an audience, about 80% of users follow a business on Instagram. This means it’s a ripe system for engaging consumers and making greater strides in a marketing campaign.

This just goes to show how much of an impact Instagram makes on the general populace. And although it’s not as heavily used as some of the other mainstays for social media, it’s constantly growing and expanding.

How Instagram Growth Tools Can Helps You

While you could simply produce a new image or Instagram story through the app, it’s not always the most efficient. Using Instagram tools for growth provides a bit of freedom as many help you streamline posts.

For instance, some of these tools give you the opportunity to release posts on a certain schedule. This means you can engage your target audience better when they are more active.

This is aside from the fact that some of the best Instagram growth tools also include data analytics regarding your target audience.

Instead of throwing images against the social hub and seeing what sticks, data can help you determine the best course of action.

With that being said, let me show you how to grow your Instagram audience with these awesome tools.

Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

9 Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth in 2021

  1. KICKSTA: Get
    kicksta review


    Real and Engaging Instagram Followers.

    It’s no secret that having more real followers on Instagram leads to higher engagement, website clicks, and sales for your business.

    But growing a following on Instagram is harder and more time-consuming than ever.

    Kicksta is an Instagram growth service that helps you attract your ideal audience and grow your following on autopilot.

    Kicksta’s growth methods are simple and organic. Describe your ideal follower and Kicksta will find and engage with users who match your specification.

    These interactions increase your brand awareness and organic growth without having to spend hours on Instagram yourself.

    Here are two quotes from happy customers of Kicksta:

    “Our Instagram growth and engagement has gone up by 20% and I also learned tips and tricks that have helped me manage my account better!”

    • Emma Wakely, Travel Blogger and Influencer, @wanderingsupertramps

    “Instead of spending endless amounts of time liking photos to get growth for our clients, we can spend it creating compelling content and cultivating a community on the accounts we run. It saves us hours and hours a day,”

    • Alicia Civile, Co-founder of LACE Photo Media

    Kicksta Features:

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • AI targeting
    • Easy sign up process
    • No commitment — month to month
    👉Sign Up for the 14-day Free Trial and get 33% Discount by taking action now!



Ingramer- Instagram growth tool

It feels exhausting to select each hashtag every time you make a post on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram… Not anymore! Ingramer’s AI algorithm generates relevant hashtags for your social media posts automatically and for free up to some extent through analyzing your post’s image, keyword, or link. Their paid module includes a huge list of different relevant hashtags and visual analytics of each hashtags.

Besides the free hashtag generator tool, Ingramer also offers Instagram account growth modules starting from $37. Their smart bot starts to engage with real people by liking and being active on Instagram — watching stories, messaging, following/unfollowing, etc.

Ingramer hashtag generator tool is great for saving your time. Create awesome content instead of spending hours on hashtag research. Also, the growth modules are useful if you want to automate some of the more repetitive tasks.

There is more! Ingramer has a unique Instagram Direct module. It includes auto messaging and Instagram Direct Chat with most on-demand CRM features: chat labels, users profile info window, notes and clients’ details, quick replies, message search, the possibility to connect an unlimited number of accounts, and so on.

Ingramer can be considered a full-fledged solution for business promotion: the streamlining of all processes is easy with it.




Hootsuite is among my favorite tools for managing social media profiles, including Instagram. Its free version is a bit more flexible than some of the others on this list and offers a range of tools to boost engagement.

In the system, you can set up tabs to view various aspects of each social media network. You can add a stream of homepage posts, your own posts, and much more from Instagram.

In other words, you can view the entire social account from a single dashboard. It makes monitoring various aspects of Instagram and other social profiles easy without logging into each one separately.

This tool is equipped with analytics, scheduled posts and integration with several apps to streamline your campaign. For instance, you can connect the Asana team management app to assign specific tasks for social media.

Hootsuite also comes with a limited free account if you want to try the service out for yourself. It allows up to three social profiles so you can see the tool in action on various platforms.

4. HASHTAGSFORLIKES: Use trending hashtags

hashtagsforlikes-tools to grow your Instagram & Likes

hashtagsforlikes-tools to grow your Instagram & Likes

How do you choose the hashtags you use in your Instagram posts? Is there any data-driven analysis or are you just swinging for the fences?

Using trending hashtags is proven to increase your reach and help you get more followers. This is why hashtagsforlikes is such an amazing Instagram tool for your arsenal. This tool detects the most trending hashtags based on a search of your choice and instantly provides analytics, data, and hashtag recommendations that you can use to increase your exposure. It’s a must-have for any serious Instagram marketer.

If you want to find out how hashtagsforlikes can help grow your fanbase organically go here. Hashtag searches are free, so you can get started straight away and generate tons of Instagram followers. But by going premium you unlock a suite of powerful hashtag tools to help support your success on Instagram, I highly recommend it.

Here is what a happy customer had to say:

“The changes were instant after I started using the HashtagsForLikes service. I love the lists the dashboard provides for me, whether I want to use Most Popular hashtags, Trending hashtags, or Related hashtags. HTFLS changes daily and that way your hashtags are never stale!”

  • Tamara Bowman, @tamaracameraphoto 30k+ followers

5. PLANOLY: Schedule Your Instagram Posts

Planoly-Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

Planoly-Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth

Speaking of wanting to save time and avoid losing yourself on Instagram for hours at a time and still get tons of active Instagram followers, one of the most important Instagram tools to have is an Instagram scheduler.

Planoly, the first visual Instagram planner, gives you the ability to visually plan out your content, meaning you can post consistently and keep your grid looking beautiful. For many businesses, consistent Instagram posts mean consistent business.

Let Planoly handle the posting so you can focus on engagement and building your brand. Your scheduled posts will be automatically published to Instagram, saving you time and energy each day. As an official Instagram partner, Planoly ensure that your posts are published, so you never have to worry about missing a post. Created by a designer and an editor, Planoly has all of the features you need in an Instagram scheduler with nothing extra to get in your way.

Here is a quote from a happy Planoly customer:

“Planoly has genuinely saved my life. I’m the only person managing social. Without it I would not be able to be here right now — I’d still be at my desk!”

  • Madison Utendahl, @MUSEUMOFICECREAM
  1. HYPEAUDITOR: Analyze Your Instagram Followers
    HypeAuditor-grow your Instagram following

    HypeAuditor-grow your Instagram following

    Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that some of your followers weren’t real? If you have over 1,000 followers, HypeAuditor will analyze your profile for your audience quality, demographics and engagement. They will make sure you only have real, quality Instagram followers who want to be there and engage with your content. As a content creator, it’s a great feeling when someone engages with your posts. HypeAuditor can help you make sure those are real engagements. This can help you zero in on your loyal audience and encourage them to engage with your posts.

    On another note, if you’re looking to evaluate the authenticity of someone else’s Instagram account, HypeAuditor makes this as easy as entering their username. Brands want to work with influencers who have real followers, not purchased engagement. Running your username through HypeAuditor can help you understand if you need to make changes to your follower base or if you’re good to go.

    “HypeAuditor works like magic. The accuracy and depth of information the tool provides is really great. I especially like how HypeAuditor puts numbers into context.”

    • Trajan Tosev, Social Media Expert, @trajan.tosev

    👉Sign up for HypeAuditor now and get a whopping 40% discount🎁

    1. Ampfluence
    Amplufluence- Amplify your Instagrm Influence

    Amplufluence- Amplify your Instagrm Influence

    Amplufluence- Amplify your Instagrm Influence

    Amplufluence- Amplify your Instagrm Influence

    Ampfluence is another top-notch Instagram growth service that promises to amplify your influence on Instagram. Like all the best Instagram growth services, Ampfluence ensures organic Instagram growth and real followers, not fake accounts.

    Ampfluence does not use bots or “gimmicks” and is a 100% human run service. They aim to grow your Instagram followers without any bots or automated software. Instead, they focus on quality followers and targeting. If you sign up with Ampfluence, you start with a consultation to learn more about your account, your brand, your goals, and the types of followers you want to target.

    After the consultation, Ampfluence’s team does research to find the right accounts to target, based on competitors, industry leaders, social spheres, and more. They’ll engage with other accounts for you to create relationships that will organically grow your Instagram followers and your engagement rate.

    Ampfluence is a safe Instagram growth service like many others on this list, but it is on the more expensive side. Plans start at $129 per month(sincerely it’s worth it), but there’s no commitment so you can cancel at any time.

    Ampfluence Features:

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Research-based audience targeting
    • Increased engagement
    • Email support
    • Reporting (only available with second and third-tier plans)

    8. COMBIN: Instagram Marketing Tools for Quick and Safe Growth

    COMBIN: Instagram Marketing Tools for Quick and Safe Growth

    COMBIN: Instagram Marketing Tools for Quick and Safe Growth

    Combin is another Instagram growth service that centers around Instagram account management to gain more Instagram followers very fast and grow your online presence. You can sign up for the free version now to test out all of the major features offered. However, the paid accounts offer far more in terms of engaging users.

    Combin Testimonial: Grow your real Instagram followers fast

    You can search through Instagram according to hashtags, location, and followers. You can even keep an eye on the comments of your competitors throughout the entire system.

    *You can also schedule your Instagram Posts for FREE with Combin using its Scheduler feature.

    *It’s a very powerful Instagram Stories and Posts Planner.

    As a result, you can target specific users and gain insight into what your target audience finds the most engaging. And since you can keep an eye on the competition, you can see how they’re engaging those users as well.

    SocialCaptain-Grow your Instagram followers automatically

    SocialCaptain-Grow your Instagram followers automatically.

    The rise of fake followers is a bone of contention in the world of Instagram.

    Unscrupulous influencers use them to boost their status, and they can be tricky to spot. Thankfully, Instagram is cracking down on these fake accounts, but there are still platforms that offer to grow your Instagram account (but with fake followers).

    Using automated targeted marketing bolstered by artificial intelligence, SocialCaptain sources real followers for your account. It automatically targets an audience that is likely to engage with your content based on keywords, usernames, locations, and hashtags. It even lets you filter out low-quality users.

    Such an approach gives you legitimate followers that are naturally aligned with your Instagram’s niche. You get more engagement, wider reach, and Instagram growth that’s 100% genuine — crucial for any entrepreneur in 2021.

    Price: $15 — $99 per month
    Free trial: 24 hours

    >>>Sign Up For SocialCaptain Tool now and Grow your Instagram account fast and easy with real and active followers<<<

    CONCLUSION — Get More Followers on Instagram

    With the right tools, you can grow your Instagram followers to increase your online reputation. All it takes is finding those which best serve your purpose. Explore what these tools can offer and reach a wider audience. These are all great tools for Instagram Growth. Go for any of them and you will be amazed at the Result.

    Even your occasional viewer will turn into an ardent fan who promotes your goods through word-of-mouth.

    I hope this list has been helpful as you plan your strategy for the year.

    Thank you for your time.