About Me

        Who Am I And How I Started My Internet Marketing Journey

Hello, Guys! My name is Samuel Eniola Oluwadare. I’m from Nigeria.

In simple terms, I am an Affiliate Marketer, a Youtuber, a Blogger at Ultrasmartmarketer.com and a professional digital products and tools review writer in making money online and health/fitness niche.

I am passionate about Internet Entrepreneurship and general and building real businesses online and everybody should.

I am the founder at Ultrasmartmarketer.com, I take my time to write a very in-depth and honest review about digital tools and products on this website/blog so that my readers will be able to learn and make more informed decisions.

I’ve learnt a  lot over the years and I have acquired a vast knowledge and skills in the internet marketing space. 

I started internet marketing 2017 and ever since then I have helped hundreds if not thousands of small brands and businesses online to grow and scale their businesses  by advising and recommending to them digital tools that have helped me personally to grow my businesses online and I have seen thousands of testimonials.

This is what I love doing. It’s part of me.

Once again, I am Samuel Eniola O. (The Ultrasmart Marketer).

Becoming an Internet Millionaire | Always winning in life and businesses in the digital world.